Month: August 2013

IR Obstacle Sensors

One thing though, for the IR sensors, I found it much easier to screw the plastic bolts on from the back, as the bolt falls of the track too easily at the front. Just thought I’d mention it.



Building Tips

Nice tips from Ray…. many thanks



  • You will need a very fine Philips screwdriver to assemble some parts (watchmaker screwdriver size).
  • After assembly you will have a bag of bits left over….don’t worry…. That’s intentional as the kits are multi purpose.
  • Fit the mounting brackets for the Obstacle sensors and the pillars for the line followers BEFORE you fit/screw on the top plate. The website implies fitting them towards the end of assembly. If you don’t attach them before fitting the top plate, you’ll have to take the top plate off again to fit them at the end.
  • The supplied ribbon cable needs to be separated to give you the required number of leads for the ultrasonic sensor. Don’t worry about the colours matching the diagram as long as the cables can be plugged into the matching pins at each end.
  • The small self tapping screws used in the assembly of the first section of the pan/tilt unit protrude on the outside of the assembly and their points are very sharp (watch out for pierced fingers) The screws may need cutting off with a small pair of side cutters to reduce their length (and improve safety).
  •  For better accuracy, the line follower sensors need to be nearer the ground than shown in the assembly pictures. Use a spacer bracket and extra screw to achieve this on each sensor.