Month: September 2013

Processing – Knowledge Test

Use this code in processing – the challenge is to make two lines – vertical and make the vertical one move at twice the speed

float y = 100;

// The statements in the setup() function 
// execute once when the program begins

// Note that height and width is set by processing - you dont have to declare them

void setup() { 

  size(640, 360);  // Size must be the first statement
  stroke(255);     // Set line drawing color to white

// The statements in draw() are executed until the 
// program is stopped. Each statement is executed in 
// sequence and after the last line is read, the first 
// line is executed again.
void draw() { 
  background(0);   // Set the background to black
  y = y - 1; 
  if (y < 0) { 
    y = height; 
    line(0, y, width, y);