Month: January 2015

Scratch 4tronix Initio Simulator

This is a Scratch app which simulates the line follower and avoiding of the 4tronix Inito robot. You can get these here and at ebay

Click here to open and use the Scratch App Robot Simulator 

The idea is that you can draw a track and get the robot to follow it.  You can also place wooden blocks and get the robot to avoid.  Scratch taught at most school snow – so just shows you what can be done.

Screen shot fo the Scratch app

Screen shot of the Scratch app

First thing to do is click the green flag.  Start the sim running.  You get a nice clean screen


Now click on Draw Track button and it will change to STOP. Then you can drag the cursor round to freehand draw a track or click with the mouse to draw lines between each click.


Click on STOP and place the robot near or on the red line.  Click Follow Track.  The robot should be able to follow the lines you have drawn. You can use the Rotate Robot button to line the sensors up if need be.


You can also set up a small obstacle course with wooden blocks. Click Clear and then click on Show Blocks.  6 wooden blocks appear.  You can drag them around to make a course and if you click them – they will rotate.


Have fun with it.  The most interesting part is how the line is followed – and shows how good scratch can be for some things.